The innovative character of the Institute BIFI is demonstrated by its daily work and by the relevant scientific projection reached in several fields during the last decade. As a leading institution, we are always open to new challenges and collaborations, both with companies and scientific and academic institutions. Based mainly on a multidisciplinary research, BIFI offers its services and experience to the society by transferring our scientific knowledge to contribute to social development.


BIFI guarantees a high degree of commitment, dedication and efficient organization. Our duty is to make optimal use of public financing funds so as to return them to the whole society as major economic and technological improvements. In this context, BIFI participates in several calls at national and international levels. We work every day for a better and more sustainable society.


If you have any question about our work or you want to propose some kind of collaboration, please, contact with the Project Management Unit by phone: (+34) 876555413 or send a message to:

We will study your case in detail and we will answer you as soon as possible. Thanks.

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