Management & Support Group.

Our work

The Project Management Group supports the initiatives of all BIFI members, helping in the different stages related to the conception and development of new projects. We also encourage the transfer of knowledge to society. In addition, our group actively collaborates with the rest of management services of the University of Zaragoza (OTRI, OPE and SGI) and with other forums such as clusters and technological platforms.

The tasks carried out by the Project Management Unit at BIFI are:

  • To identify new funding opportunities at all levels and potential technological transfers.
  • The development of new collaborative projects and their further management.
  • The protection of results as well as the creation of patents and Spin-off enterprises.
  • To spread useful information on scientific and technological offers.
  • To foster the interaction with other technological developers.
  • To represent the institute in the different business areas.



In the last two years, the management and support Group has helped to secure a high number of projects (H2020, Interreg, MINECO, Government of Aragon) and private projects with industrial companies, reaching a total amount of more than 3 million Euros. The group has also created a network of contacts between institutions and companies worldwide.



It is important to identify new sources of funding and foster the transfer of results through patents and business innovation projects. BIFI will continue working on seeking new opportunities and in the development of applications to contribute to the scientific growth our institute in all fields.

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