Olga Abián Franco, BIFI researcher, joins the Academy of Pharmacy Reino de Aragón

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On Thursday, 26 October, at 20:00 h. the Academy of Pharmacy Kingdom of Aragon will celebrate the reception, as a numerary academician, of the Pharmacist Olga Abian Franco, who will read the speech “Academic research facing the challenge of discovering new drugs”.

  • Thursday, 26 October, 20:00 h.
  • Assembly Hall of the Zaragoza College of Pharmacists (Avda. Tenor Fleta, 57 C 1º).
  • Prior registration is MANDATORY whether you are going to attend in person at the College headquarters or if you are going to follow via STREAMING through the COFZ training platform.

If you are attending ON LINE, click here to register.

If you are attending in person, click here to register.

New drugs

This speech will address aspects related to drug discovery in the academic environment: the importance of the selection of protein targets of interest and how to alter their biological function and folding; the application of biophysical techniques for the characterisation of their structure and function; the growing relevance of Intrinsically Disordered Proteins (IDPs) as therapeutic targets; and the essential steps in the identification of potential drugs in academic laboratories, from the identification of unresolved health problems to the preclinical testing of compounds.

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