Nunilo Cremades opened the V Fair of monographs of the IES Lucas Mallada of Huesca

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On Wednesday 13 March at 19:00, BIFI researcher Nunilo Cremades Casasín was in charge of opening the 5th Monograph Fair at the Lucas Mallada Secondary School in Huesca.

After a warm welcome by the teachers of the centre, Nunilo gave her lecture showing her lines of research. She addressed the numerous attendees emphasizing the importance and the need for basic research to generate knowledge, which leads us to achieve results applicable to society.

Lucas Mallada Secondary School in Huesca is the only public school in Aragon that teaches the International High School programme which includes, among its evaluation components, the elaboration of a monograph. This research work begins in the first year and is completed in the second year . The topics of the monographs cover all areas of knowledge, and each student chooses which subject he or she wants to address and from which scientific perspective.

Every year, and this was the fifth edition, these works are explained to students, teachers and family members in the framework of this monograph fair. The presentation of their work showed a high quality both in terms of the work carried out and the exhibitions.

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